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Eco-Friendly Delivery Service in Japan

Japanese delivery companies, including Kuroneko Yamato and Japan Post, are starting to use a larger fleet of electric bicycles and cutting down on traditional trucks. It's been around for at least a couple of years and is now quite popular. They have many benefits. Their compact size allow them to maneuver narrow streets that trucks can't get into. Delivery is quicker as they are not stuck in traffic jams. And they can park any where, especially handy as there are many no park zones for cars in Tokyo. The prices also tend to be lower than traditional delivery services.

The back cart is made of plastic and the electric bike can travel up to 15kph/9.3mph. It leaves zero carbon footprint so is great for the earth and appreciated by customers. 

Ecohai is a new company that started in 2007 and their sales are growing by 50% a year. That's huge! They estimate they saved 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide in a 9-month period.

ecohai Co., Ltd.

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