2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

Had the privilege of getting into the Press and Designer's Day last week and met some awesome people. So I really do not keep up with car news, but here are my highlights from the show.

And while I would not spend the money to buy an iPad, I can see Apple's growing success just through its business use. Restaurants use it for menus and every company uses them for interactive displays and videos at the trade show.


On Designer's Day, I watched Designers and Creative Directors present concept cars for the annual Design Challenge. Based on presentation skills and concept innovation, my favorite is Nissan's iV. Their video animation is spot-on, with music paired just right. 

Next runner up for me is Mercede-Benz's Biome. Their concept explanation in the beginning was way too lengthy without any visuals. However, their animation is also excellent!


Full picture gallery:

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