Goodies From Renegade San Francisco

Had a wonderful time last weekend at Renegade San Francisco. It was a very successful show for myself and all other vendors. Love chatting with customers. Bummer though that every Renegade I always miss out on the free booth pics as I don't have time to line up. My neighbor hark + hark were super, helping me watch my booth while I shop and shortening my new necklace purchase! They're a creative duo who came all the way from Cincinatti.

I bought two things at the show. P.O.P. makes to-die-for butter crunch candy. My favorite is the Rosemary Almond flavor, which sold out quickly, but their plain Almond is quite good too. Bit pricey, but so worth it! Be warned, once you start, you can't stop unless you are extremely disciplined. Had to resist eating the last bit of it before I take a pic of it.

Another goodie I picked up is the Camera Necklace (pictured on my Tinted Mint Wedge Tape Holder) of oxidized copper and brass from LOVE NAIL TREE. Wish I took pictures of their booth to share with you. It was lovely! Lots of rustic wood panels with jewelry hanging from nails. Just checked out their website which has a cute video on the couple behind this brand. Prices are very reasonable so I highly recommend them!

1. p.o.p. candy


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