Handmade Mini Portfolio

Here's a mini portfolio I made recently. I will be using it to send out to select companies as self promo.

I believe presentation is super important. It has to be something that will stand out on someone's desk and interesting enough so one wants to open and explore its contents. As I love working with textiles, my design involves a simple sleeve of organic cotton canvas.

Outside is screen printed in fluorescent pink with houndstooth pattern, my website and short text describing my style. The interior is lined with mid weight, bright lime cotton. The sides are left raw for a natural, frayed look. As I have plenty of snap buttons, I used these as my enclosure.

Inside each sleeve is a series of 4"x6" photo prints of my projects, short self intro and business card.

I've tried laser cutting the exterior artwork, but it does not compare to the visual impact of bright pink ink. The entire process took much longer than expected. I had a hard time screening on the canvas, usually needing 2 passes of ink instead of just 1, which usually results in too much ink and less refined lines. The sewing took an entire day to make 24.

I already have a new idea for a different design that will be much more time efficient to make. Looking forward to that once this batch is used up.