Paris - Museums Galore

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Here's my overview of Paris from two trips, June and August 2008.


Subway is convenient and frequent, although it is dirty and smelly. And it is always a pleasure to walk to absorb the architecture and romantic air.


Soft Hotel Paris
Lovely, intimate boutique hotel with the tiniest elevator I've ever been in. It fits 2 medium built persons with 2 luggage, no more. Very comfortable stay with courteous staff. Price is very reasonable and design is modern and colorful. 

Studio Rouge
Private studio apartment rental. Don't remember their website, but you can contact Corinne Spagnolo My stay was €90/night. 3 blocks away from metro, 8-10 minute walk to Notre Dame. Studio furnished with sofa bed (okay), kitchenette, bathroom with shower.  

art / design

This is a must for everyone visiting Paris! Only saw a small section as it is massive. Very nice space. It's nice traveling in Europe in general as I get to see in person artwork I've read about in art history class. Bought a 2-day museum pass and was able to enter through their side entrance instead of going through the regular line. 

Musée du Quai Branly
Modern building featuring African and Pacific Island folk art. Beautifully displayed pieces. The ice cream at their cafe is really good!

le château de Versailles
Take 40 minute train ride from Paris city center. There was an exhibit throughout the chateau of Jeff Koons work. Not quite as big and grand as I expected, but still a good sight to see.

Awesome boutique featuring bit of beauty/cosmetics, luxury and sports brand fashion and shoes, and little toys/knick knacks. Lots of eye candy!


8 rue Malar, 75007 Paris, closed Sunday and Monday. 16euro 3-course, tiny restaurant, great quality for price, everything was good except this fish dish.

L'Angle du Faubourg
38euros 3-course. Fine restaurant, exquisite food and service.

Casa Olympe
48 rue St-Georges, 9th. Open noon-2pm, 8-11pm Mon-Fri. Closed 3wks Aug. 48euros 3-course: thick sliced eggplant appetizer is very good, duck is medium rare but very good. Service is slow so be patient. Liter of water 6euros, glass of wine 7euros, coffee 4euros.

Their macarons are sooo freakin good! Nibble in small bites and savor!  


La Tour Eiffel
Super long line day and night so didn't bother. Just took pics of it from near and far.

Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre
Nice panoramic view of city from its steps. Take funicular or walk uphill.

Arc de Triomphe
Climb to roof for panoramic view of city.

Notre Dame 
Make it through multiple flights of stairs for nice panoramic view up top. Arrived 15 minutes before opening on Saturday morning, but it was still 30 minutes to get in. They only let 15 people in at a time.