CMF Concept - Self Exploration

Creating something bespoke has always been very intriguing for me. 

What would I create for a real person? For this self exploration project, I choose Hong Kong celebrity Shawn Yue Man-Lok as the customer. The task is to propose two CMF palette options for a custom Land Rover Range Rover. .

The mood board is the customer’s real life instagram photos. It’s not about proposing concepts based on trends, but rather understanding every day things that inspire the customer himself.

Follow Shawn on Instagram @lok666


Modern Safari


MODERN SAFARI takes inspiration from textures of rugged terrain, applied in a custom print and the leather grain. Exterior paint has depths of color from layers of blue tinted gloss on black.

Midnight Envy

LandRover_Material 2.jpg

MIDNIGHT ENVY is dark and sexy. Glimpses of sparkle show through the super black exterior paint. Inside is enveloped with sumptuous leather and Alcantara, paired with smooth and porous stone textures.