Patterns & Screen Printing

I'm in the mood to make patterns. My recent trip to the London Design Festival gave me lots of impressions. One of the trends from the shows were marbles and specks. So I wanted to create my own pattern. Here's my trial screen printing in black and pink. 

2 color black and pink screen print.

For this exercise I did a refresh course at Mission Cultural Centre in San Francisco. This place is a real gem! Actually I came here before few years back for some other screen printing projects, but it's been so long that I couldn't remember how the process goes. It's $20 and open to any level to drop in. It is not a structured class environment but more of an open studio. A teacher is there the entire time to walk you through steps and give advice on your projects. 

The only thing I prepared was artwork printed on transparency. However these are materials you should prepare:

- screen printing inks plus container  (cannot have "food storage" marked on it for safety concerns) for mixing paint
- the medium to be printed on plus extras for trials/ and mistakes
- artwork printed on transparency paper (should be opaque black)
- emulsion (optional to bring own or $5 to use the one at the studio)
- screen (optional to bring own or use theirs)

Artwork needs to be separated into layers per color. So in this case I have 2 artwork layers, each printed on a separate transparency. I just made a black & white print on transparency at a local copy/print service. But the black was not very opaque. Luckily I printed 2 qty each and taped them together for a darker black.

Tip: Print your own artwork film using inkjet printer on waterproof inkjet film & print using black ink only.

With the space and equipment needed to prepare and clean the screens, it is definitely not easy to do this at home. This was just a trial so I only made several copies on news print paper found at the studio. I am quite happy with the way this pattern turned out. I will refine my artwork and do this again at on a nice paper stock to make a new set of business cards.

Artwork layer 1: base layer. Photoshopped from an image of chipboard.

Love the coloured table surface.

Artwork layer 2: top layer. Photoshopped from image of terrazzo type material.

Fine mesh screen after emulsion and artwork exposure. Ready to use for screen printing.

Set up of 1st layer of art using black ink. 

Layer 1 artwork in black printed on newsprint paper.

2nd layer artwork in pink is applied.