Brown Sugar + Lime Freeze

First time I tried this drink was in Dulan, Taiwan. Inside the Sintung Sugar Factory Culture Park 新東糖廠文化園區 is a cozy restaurant 都蘭小房子. You must try their seafood dumplings. So good! And I had a lemonade slushy made of taiwanese green lemons and brown sugar. So refreshing in the summer heat.

To recreate the drink at home, I used limes and brown sugar (purchased at the mentioned restaurant)  and ice. Not quite the same citrus flavor as the Taiwanese lemons, but close.

Home made version

Home made version

Original from  都蘭小房子

Original from 都蘭小房子

Seafood dumplings from  都蘭小房子

Seafood dumplings from 都蘭小房子