Taiwan Design Finds

I was amazed at how much good shopping there was in Taiwan. These are some snapshot pics taken at stores.

Some of the spots I recommend for design and handmade craft finds:

林百貨 Hayashi Department Store in Tainan
華山1914 Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei
西門紅樓 The Red House in Taipei
誠品 Eslite (multiple locations)

Washi tapes.

Mini speaker.

Mini speaker.

Clay tiles. I bought one to use as a dish soap.

Cute brass ring.

Cute stickers based on Taiwanese culture and eats.

Painted wall mural in Huashan Creative Park.

Coffee packaging using clay container.

Love the graphic repeat.

Glass coaster. Pattern is that of antique glass used in old architecture.

Soap made to resemble speckled concrete floors.

Soap made to resemble speckled concrete floors.

Double Happiness character in Chinese.

Nice print on textile.

Hand-dyed indigo book marker.

Nice way to accent store logo.

Great use of words on this packaging. On upper left in Chinese is 講菇事 which translates to "mushroom story telling."

Washi tapes.