2017 HDK Degree Show Highlights - CMF Inspiration

The 2017 HDK Degree Show did not take place at the school, but rather at an empty brick warehouse outside of the main Gothenburg city center. Here are the projects I enjoyed the most.

Object of Value by Sophie Hardy, BA Wood Oriented Furniture Design

Inspired by the crafts in the region Siljarna, Dalarna in Sweden. Sophie worked with basket weaver Sten Kans from Bonäs, Dalarna and Jobs Handtryck from Leksand, Dalarna.

Redskap Landskap by Sofi Json Lidman, BA Jewelry Art and Design

Using aluminum as main material, she creates texture and colors that resemble that created in nature, the way air and the salty ocean erodes and transforms materials.

Melting Point by Sara Bech-Hanssen, BA Jewelry Art and Design

Jewelry made from copper oxides and enamel. A "study of composition, movement, body and interaction."