Founded by Patty Yuan, Tinted Mint launched late 2009. She is Sole Proprietor and Creative Director. 



A strong brand name is something simple and memorable, but abstract. Why Tinted Mint? Process starts by jotting down key words that both suit the brand story and represents Patty, the Designer and Creator. The result is a play with one of her favorite colors - minty green. Tinted Mint means a tint/hint of Patty, her design principles and values.

The logo is modified from Helvetica Neue, with a leaf growing off the "m" to reference brand value of eco-friendliness.

The brand stands for Thoughtful Beauty meets Modern Craft and promotes environmental friendliness, multi-functionality and easy DIY.




Here are a handful of handmade goods when experimenting with screen printing and laser cutting.




Main products sold were Japanese washi tapes. These two tape dispensers are made of reclaimed woods and are meant to be a decorative desk top item.




All advertising and web graphics are handled in-house.