Alameda Point Antiques & Collectibles Faire

Went to this fair back in April which occurs every Sunday. Weather was terrible that day! Overcast, very windy and started to rain about 40 minutes after I arrived. But, I am very good at breezing through shows, so 40 minutes was enough.

There are some really great finds at the show, although much of it is quite pricey. Jewelry artists may find some nice antique watch parts and you can get hands on metal tiles, salvaged from ceilings of old buildings, to make a custom door or wall paneling. If you are serious about buying, go in the morning for the best selection. 

Please note: Do not take public transportation. Drive! I took the ferry from San Francisco Ferry Building to Alameda and, based on the map, figured it would be a short 5 minute walk to the show. Turned out to be a good 12-15 min walk to the show grounds, then another 8-10 min through the huge parking lot. Plus, there are no pedestrian walkways on part of the stretch. It was a huge hassle getting back home due to the limited ferry schedule and unexpected short duration at the show.

Admission prices depend on your time of arrival. Check out the show's website for details:

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