Lovely Cath Kidston

I came across Cath Kidston about 3 years ago on a business trip in Tokyo. They had a store in the Daikanyama neighborhood. My first reaction was, "Oh my goodness. This is way too cutesy and floral!" And what do you know? Now I am so into all the rose patterns and polka dots. I think it has to do with the Japanese masking tapes I've been selling on my Tinted Mint store.

All this cuteness inspired me to do a concept collection between Nike and Cath Kidston. With many people buying the brand's printed fabrics to make their own things, towels and pillow cases, I think it is only fitting to incorporate some DIY in the collection. Hence a focus on using individual accessory components to make other accessories or to personalize clothing.

For instance, to sew little bows and hearts onto some polka dot fabric ribbon, all sold individually, to make a key chain. It is a great way for the company to generate sales and for consumers to mix and match to their own taste.