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Adidas SLVR FW2010 Collection Highlights

I'm completely salivating over this collection! I absolutely love sports meets fashion and this label is a nice balance between street, high fashion and technical fabrics. As with many high end brands, I tend to enjoy the pieces for men more. Take the shirt with contrast bottom for example. I would like that for a women's shirt. And often times I find colorways for men's shoes more appealing. The shoes look very well made. I wonder how comfortable they are. Can't wait to see some of these pieces in person. Supposedly it's sold at Macy's in Union Square. Will have to check it out!

Adidas does a fabulous job of blending sports and lifestyle. Their Adidas/Stella McCartney line is also one of my favorites! The pieces I've bought double as workout apparel and for going out. I would absolutely love to be part of their creative team! They are definitely at the top of my list of dream companies to work for! 

Adidas SLVR Collection Overview

Adidas SLVR Shop

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Silence & Noise Jegging

Finally found a pair of skinny jeans that fit me! It's hard shopping for clothes because I'm short (5ft) and stocky (chunky arms and legs). Seems like skinnies are all that Urban Outfitters sells. I've tried couple of styles on before, but they looked terrible on me. Decided to try some more on since they are having a $39 denim promotion. After trying on a dozen (mix of colors, styles and sizes), I found 1 style that fits me well, so I bought it in 2 colors: Grey and Washed Black.

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Lovely Cath Kidston

I came across Cath Kidston about 3 years ago on a business trip in Tokyo. They had a store in the Daikanyama neighborhood. My first reaction was, "Oh my goodness. This is way too cutesy and floral!" And what do you know? Now I am so into all the rose patterns and polka dots. I think it has to do with the Japanese masking tapes I've been selling on my Tinted Mint store.

All this cuteness inspired me to do a concept collection between Nike and Cath Kidston. With many people buying the brand's printed fabrics to make their own things, towels and pillow cases, I think it is only fitting to incorporate some DIY in the collection. Hence a focus on using individual accessory components to make other accessories or to personalize clothing.

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