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Framed Staircase

UK designer Stuart Haygarth created a manicured pathway along marble steps of the entrance inside the Victoria & Albert Museum for the London Design Week. Collaborating with custom framers John Jones, he uses over 600 meters / 1968.5 feet of custom painted frames, hence the artwork titled "Framed." The frames are of different profiles and sizes, which add to the three-dimensional quality.

Makes me think of Paul Smith, but only because that brand is so well known for its colorful stripes.

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Sugamo Shinkin Bank Tokiwadai Branch by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Delightfully unexpected...a bank that does not remotely resemble the usual perception of a bank. Situated in Tokyo, the façade is of white, perforated aluminum and the building comes to life with voids of bright colors.

Moureaux is a French architect, based in Tokyo. Once you view her portfolio, it becomes clear this bank directly reflects her style, a feminine and playful use of colors to transform space.

view Moureaux's work:

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Nissan Figaro - Exterior Finished!

Finally done with the exterior! Took about 2 weeks to get to this point. Photoshop rendering is very time intensive since shiny objects are not my strength.

The theme started with the thought of applying Japanese masking tape prints and colors. And that is exactly how the design process started, just playing around with layering tapes. While playing with different combinations, I got overwhelmed with options. What I was missing is thinking about the customer and a mood board, which is how I usually start a project. Once those are solid, I can narrow down a direction to proceed.

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