Nissan Figaro - Work in Progress

Here's a peek at my new self exploration project - a makeover of the Nissan Figaro.

With an itch to work on a car project again, I decided to use this classic design as a base.

Design brief:

Concept for limited edition Nissan Figaro.
Design can include new color, accessories, and interior. 

I have a 2 general directions in mind, but the first one is inspired by super cute and colorful Japanese masking tapes (washi tapes). Pictured is one of my first "sketches" using washi tapes. It's a fun and quick way to play with possible concepts, just like how car designers use thin crepe tape to draw lines.

So what is the point of this and the Nike x Cath Kidston self exploration project? Simply to have fun on areas/products I enjoy and demonstrate my strengths.