New in Portfolio: Nissan Figaro Interior

Yeah! After much delay, I'm finally done putting together couple of color ways for my Nissan Figaro project.

I had a tough time with this interior because I didn't want to apply new color+trim to the original Figaro's interior. That would not make sense for my project as the brief is about introducing a new, limited edition Nissan Figaro. Current customer needs call for an appropriately modern interior. The debate with myself was how to create an interior that is simple, but with enough detail to convey the look and feel of my proposed palette.

Yes, I know, the proportions of the interior are off, but I think this does its job. It is not my intention, nor my strength, to completely redesign a new interior. 

Adding to the difficulty is taking this opportunity to continue learning Rhino. The interior view below is created and rendered in Rhino, except the door on the right which was added via Photoshop, along with some other touch ups.