Petit H by Hermes features a story on Petit H, envisioned by Pascale Mussard, Artistic Director of Hermes. Mixing imperfect materials or leftover parts from production, Hermes' own artisans create new products on the basis of 3 principles: functionality, beauty and longevity. It is a pleasure to hear such an iconic luxury brand cares so much about quality. They make things that can be repaired and passed down to the next generations.

That is for sure much better than Prada. I've bought an expensive leather Prada bag years ago and lightly used it. Within a year, the textile lining inside tore along a seam. Of course, no point in contacting Prada or Neiman Marcus as they'll just laugh in my face politely and say they do not do repairs. Or a pair of bright, pink-red patent leather heels by Miu Miu I hunted down from Milan to Paris at 325 euros, just to find the strap upper is starting to peel apart from the sole after light wearing due to bad construction decisions.