Beauty Review

Even if I find a good product, I am always eager to find something even better. Here are some products I like:

{1:  Dove Intensive Therapy Shampoo $4.99  5/5 hearts}

For a few years, I've stuck with Shiseido's Aqua Air shampoo and conditioner, but past few months it's failed on me. Just doesn't keep my hair soft anymore. Ended up buying this because reviews on it was good and it on sale for $3.99. 1st shampoo - no results. However by 2nd and 3rd, dramatic difference! My hair is now soft again (3 weeks now), and will be even better once I cut off my many split ends. 

{2: Josie Maran Cream Blush $22  5/5 hearts}

All of a sudden I just wanted to start trying blush. Went into Sephora (one of my favorite shops) to compare brands. Ended up buying this one (compared against Stila) by Josie Maran because it has some Argan oil in it and their brand and packaging are eco-friendly. Easy to apply, patting lightly with finger tips. Too lazy to wear it every time I go out, but love this new addition to my minimal makeup line.

{3: Pangea Organic Balancing Oil $50  4/5 hearts}

Finally bought a few products from this brand. Been loving their plantable packaging! I have sensitive, combination skin and use this at night, either alone or with a light moisturizer depending on my skin's needs. Not too keen on the herbal scent, hence 4 stars instead of 5. Well, it's a face oil, so it is greasy after putting it on, but my skin is nice and soft the next morning! Bought this at 25% off from their website. They have monthly promotions, so be sure to check before buying!

{4: Pangea Organics Facial Toner $26  3/5 hearts}

There are 3 different toners. Currently using their French Rosemary with Sweet Orange for dry to mature skin. I don't feel it makes a difference for my skin, however I give it a 3 because 1) like the refreshing scent and 2) I know I'm adding natural goodness to my skin. Actually the only toner that I like and feel actually improves my skin texture is Korean brand Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water, which I picked up in Hong Kong, not sold in the US. I think it was $80-$100, so quite a splurge. Will wait til my next HK trip to get more.

{5: Pangea Organics Eye Cream $55  3/5 hearts}

Like their toner, I don't feel it does anything for me. My main concern is under eye circles. But then again, not sure if any eye cream will really cure that. I've tried a couple of other eye creams before, around the same price range, which also didn't do anything for me. I hear there are cosmetic procedures specifically for that predicament however. My mom says she notices a difference though. 3 hearts because again, at least it's of natural ingredients that are only beneficial to my skin, even though nothing visibly noticeable for me.

{6: Melvita Fondant Body Balm $28  5/5 hearts}

For several years, I loved using Kiehl's Creme de Corps body lotion. They did change their formula (2-3 years ago?) and since I've been allergic. As you can tell, I prefer to buy brands that use natural ingredients, no parabens, etc., and was excited to see this relatively new store in Downtown. It's a French brand that uses predominantly organic ingredients. It's quite a rich cream. Feels luxurious but not too greasy. It has a light citrus-like scent. I prefer nonscented, but it's light enough that it doesn't bother me.