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Tokyo Milk Soap no. 82

This is the first Tokyo Milk product I've purchased, but I've been aware of the brand for a while and absolutely adore their packaging! Very delicate and girly. I like deconstructing packaging to better understand how it's put together and for my own design reference. I was confused when I saw it at Anthropologie because I couldn't figure out what scent this was. Now after going to their website, I realize the same scent comes in 3 different graphic covers, all labeled with the same info. This particular one is Soap no. 82, bird.

I used to prefer liquid soaps, but I've come to appreciate bar soaps because it uses minimal packaging, less waste to throw away. Plus, the paper packaging is decorated with beautiful graphics that can be reused in other packaging or craft project. Ever since I came across this video on YouTube about the island/whirlpool of plastics in the middle of the Pacific, I've become much more careful about buying products encased in plastic.

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Beauty Review

Even if I find a good product, I am always eager to find something even better. Here are some products I like:

{1:  Dove Intensive Therapy Shampoo $4.99  5/5 hearts}

For a few years, I've stuck with Shiseido's Aqua Air shampoo and conditioner, but past few months it's failed on me. Just doesn't keep my hair soft anymore. Ended up buying this because reviews on it was good and it on sale for $3.99. 1st shampoo - no results. However by 2nd and 3rd, dramatic difference! My hair is now soft again (3 weeks now), and will be even better once I cut off my many split ends. 

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