Handmade Teaware

It's been a few months since I stopped by TianZhiFang 田之坊. It's a maze of small alley ways with charming boutiques, a blend of Chinese souvenirs, local brands, restaurants, and some crafty products. Had Thai for dinner at one of my favorite spots, Tai Thai. Then I went to another regular stop, Eco Goods. (I think the store name changed at this location.) They used to carry bunch of DIY and shabby chic products. Now selection changed quite a bit to more jewelry, homeware, and even UGG-type boots. Picked up a beautiful tea set consisting of tea pot, tea server, and 4 cups. Love the glossy celadon blue in contrast with sandy body (color & texture). They are hand made, 868CNY for the set. Picked up 2 more larger tea cups with lids, 168CNY each. Fabulous part is the store-wide sale of 60% so I got everything for under 600CNY. 

EcoGoods 生态良品: TianZhiFang, 258 TaiKang Road, No. 11B, Luwan, Shanghai 上海卢湾区泰康路258号田子坊11号B座
(Can be easy to miss. Next to hat boutique, up several steps of stairs.)