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Tinted Mint Laser Cut Calendar - 1st Prototype

Making 2011 calendar sets for my Tinted Mint shop. Here's an experiment with a combination of laser cutting and engraving/etching on 0.6mm thick card board. 

I find it is best to put together sample artwork that will test different size fonts, line weights, etc. and experiment with laser settings for the material I'll be using. Seeing these results really help in how I should refine artwork for the final run.

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heydey design

Another cool product I found at Renegade SF. These are porcelain jars made by making molds of vintage, glass canning jars, finished with a clear glaze inside. The designs change depending on new finds. I completely drooled over these, wanted a small collection of them. However, I was very good and held back. Claire of heydey design also makes beautiful ceramic jewelry.

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