Tinted Mint Wedge Tape Dispenser - Prototypes Are Here!

This is my second series of tape dispensers, designed especially to display cute Japanese masking tapes that I sell in my Tinted Mint shop.

Starting out with 4 unique forms, I have to narrow down to 2 for production. The 2 wider ones are eliminated due to technical difficulty with production. Some tweaks will be made to the front right and back left for more stream-lined production. Looking forward to the finals, due to arrive by late October. I love the look of this wood, which is made up of 3/4" plywood, glued together. The stock 3/4" plywood already comes with the layered look. It's perfect for my application as each tape dispenser is made up of 3 sections (4 for the wider ones). Using this wood enables a seamless look.

While I wait for production run, I am figuring out settings to use to laser engrave my Tinted Mint logo onto this wood. Did some tests last weekend at TechShop and marked each version with a number which corresponds with my notes. Still don't have the perfect solution, but getting there. For my other series of Reclaimed Cedar Wood Tape Dispensers, I sourced out the logo engraving. Doing it myself works out much cheaper.