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Nani Marquina Potten Containers

If you're not familiar with Marquina, she designs exquisite rugs. I've read a magazine article before of how they are handmade and dyed in India.

Potten is a series of containers made of layers of colored cotton, finished with a layer of white or colored latex. I have not seen these in person, but I love the texture left on the latex, perhaps from the brush used to apply it, or just the texture of the cotton itself. They are made by a fair trade group in India.

I have many aspirations, but one of them is to be able to collaborate with artisans in different parts of the world to produce my own designs, from handmade ceramics to commissioned artwork.

Nani Marquina Potten

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Paola Navone

Oh my gosh! I'm in love with her work! I've seen some pieces by Paola Navone before, which I loved, but had no idea who it was by. Only now that I am posting about a porcelain exhibit designed by her for Richard Ginori that I find out more.

Paola is an Italian designer and architect who lived between Milano and Hong Kong for 21 years and incorporates a touch of handicraft into sophisticated, contemporary pieces (that's totally me!)

French concept store merci (wish I knew about this awesome store when I was in Paris!) approached Paola to create a limited edition collection of china for their store. She took china with imperfections at the Ginori factory and refurbished them into unique pieces. In April 2009, an exhibit in Zona Tortona in Milano featured these Imperfects, 1000kg of it, hanging with dramatic effects.

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heydey design

Another cool product I found at Renegade SF. These are porcelain jars made by making molds of vintage, glass canning jars, finished with a clear glaze inside. The designs change depending on new finds. I completely drooled over these, wanted a small collection of them. However, I was very good and held back. Claire of heydey design also makes beautiful ceramic jewelry.

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